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A Custom Magnetic Manufacturer

We Offer

A variety of custom designed magnetics components in conventional through the hole configurations and SMD styles. Most of our components are manufactured in USA.

We Provide

Components and Services to a wide range of Industrial and Commercial Customers for prototypes, small and medium production requirements. We also offer re-design services for existing components for the purpose of cost / performance optimization and obsolete parts replacement.

Our Capabilities

Encompass various coil winding techniques, ferrite, lamination, toroidal cores assemblies, vacuum impregnation, epoxy incapsulation, foil, winding and assembly, wide range of electrical testing tecniques and electronic lab facility for design verification.

Our Prices

Reflects our low overhead and efficient production. We can compete in any category of magnetic components.

About Us

Zixel, Ltd. has been in business since early nineties as a custom magnetics design and manufacturing company. We have been one of the major suppliers of custom magnetics components to medical electronics industries in Twin Cities at the time when Medtronics, Inc, was spinning off numerous bio-medical start-ups many of which became later large successful businesses.

As business environment was changing in the following decade, Zixel, Ltd. started to re-orient its focus on specialty markets serving small and medium customers engaged in development and design of power conversion products.

In the last few years we have been expanding our product capabilities in the area of SMD magnetics components through partnership with well established Chinese manufacturers. This enables us to provide a wide range of cost effective SMD inductive components for small and medium production at the quality level normally associated with large suppliers.

Our Capabilities

SMD and TTH components

Ferrite core design and assembly

Planar magnetics

Lamination based transformer assembly

Toroidal core chokes and inductors

Self supporting coil assemblies

Epoxy encapsulated, vacuum impregnated magnetic assemblies

High voltage coils and transformers

Electronic lab for product validation


Custom Magnetics Design


100VAC – 270VAC Line, single phase 50Hz – 400 Hz, Anode and Cathode Power supply for Tube Audio Amplifiers, Chassis mounted, PCB style, Shielded, Flying leads, Impregnated, Encapsulated, Potted, Step-up and Step down, Isolation type, Low leakage, Compliant with UL and EU standards.

Switch Mode Power supply transformers for Full-bridge, Half-bridge, Forward, Fly-back topologies. Frequency range up to 300 kHz, Off-line Isolation type, PCB, Through-the-hole and SMT styles, ferrite, powder metal, glass-metal, tape wound, toroidal.

Audio coupling transformers, Audio output and matching transformers, line and impedance matching transformers.

High Voltage Trigger Transformers and Ignitors, external and series (injection) type, up to 30kV.

Inductors and Chokes

Miniature to large Inductors from kHz to MHz frequency range, Through-the-hole and SMT configurations, chassis mounted, flying lead, toroidal, ferrite core, metal tape cores, Steel cores, powder metal cores.


Specialty coils, voice coils for audio applications and hydraulic amplifiers, solenoid coils, flat coils, air coils.


Common mode, Differential Mode, Audio crossover filters.

Magnetics Re-Design

We can review your current magnetics components to evaluate possible re-design to improve cost/performance ratios.


We can make prototypes, validate the new designs and evaluate manufacturability of new designs or your existing designs.

Small to Medium Volume Production

Our manufacturing capabilities range from single component production up to medium production volumes in house or at our partners off-shore. Most of our small production parts are made in US. All our production parts are ROHS compliant.

Our manufacturing capabilities include coil winding with round and square magnet wires, wet winding, multifilar winding, section winding, multi-tap winding. Assembly techniques include lamination assembly, ferrite core assembly, toroidal coil winding, epoxy and varnish impregnation, vacuum impregnation, potting and encapsulation.

Our testing facilities allow us to verify all electrical parameters, including Inductance, DC Resistance, AC resistance, Impedance Analysis, Bandwidth verification, Insertion Losses measurements, High Voltage testing, Dielectric Integrity verification, Leakage testing.

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